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DIY | Coconut Water Popsicles with Fresh Fruit

I have been on the health tip lately, working out close to 5 days week while maintaining a healthy eating schedule. My sweet tooth has increased due to my recent ‘food restrictions,’ thus motivating me to find healthier summer indulgences. 

I stumbled upon this dope popsicle recipe on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a shot. Not only are the pops super simple to make, the coconut water is actually a great alternative to sports drinks. The coconut juice offers lots of potassium and magnesium, which restores your electrolytes. Perrrrrfect to indulge in after my late afternoon run’s this summer. 


  • Popsicle Tray (purchase mine at The Dollar Tree) 
  • Coconut Water
  • An assortment of berries 
  • Small Freezer Bags or Wax Paper (Optional) 

How to: 

  1. Begin my cutting up your desired fresh fruit into small pieces
  2. Next, fill your popsicle tray with the assortment of berries
  3. Pour in your coconut water until your popsicle mold is filled
  4. Lastly, cover and freeze

You can also use popsicle sticks in order to free up your popsicle tray for another batch. I came across these plastic sealable bags at Michael’s, which are a perfect size for storing popsicles. Another alternative is using wax paper to cover your popsicles in before returning them to the freezer. 

Hope you guys enjoy this yummy treat! 

XOXO - Drea 

DIY | Thirsty Thirty Survival Kit 

My closest girlfriends have started leaving their twenties and venturing into the dark side. To ease having to face this new harsh reality, I decided to put together this kit to ease the ego and bring about some laughter. 

Below you will find a full description of the items I put together, along with their descriptions. I made my own gift tags to attach to each gift, but you can buy them pre-made at any craft store. These goodies were a combination of several Pinterest inspired ‘birthday survival kits’ I stumbled upon. This kit can be customized for someone who’s going to be 21, 40, or even 50! 

  • 1. Handmade Birthday Crown - ‘Because it’s your birthday and you can do whatever you want, yes, even prance around the house wearing this crown ALL DAY….’
  • 2. Chips - ‘Helps absorb alcohol.’
  • 3. Eye Wrinkle Cream - ‘Cuz shit your old.’
  • 4. Hair Ties - ‘Maybe useful when you’re hugging the porcelaine toilet.’
  • 5. Tums - ‘To settle that tummy.’
  • 6. Sunglasses - ‘If the lights are TOO bright in the morning.’
  • 7. Mouth Wash - ‘Cover stank breath.’ 
  • 8. Bandaids/First Aid Kit - ‘For those unexpected falls….’
  • 9. Aleve - ‘Poppin’ bottles last night, poppin’ Aleve in the morning.’ 
  • 10. Shooters - ‘DRINK ME NOW… #GoShortyItsYoBirthday’ 
  • 11. Tissues - ‘If drunken emotion overcomes you…#HighlyUnlikely’
  • 12. Coconut Water - ‘Drink me later… #Hangover’
  • 13. Cooling Wipes - ‘Wipe away the ratchet from the night before + amazing for hot flashes’ 
  • 14. Purifying Face Mask - ‘Purify yourself from all of your sins…#AMEN’
  • 15. Throwback Film/ Hook - ‘Nostalgia of your youth! Forever Neverland…..#RUFIO’ 
  • 16. Lunch - TO - GO - Kit - ‘Metabolism slows down, conscious nutrition goes up…’ 
  • 17. Chapstick - ‘Get those lips ready for more birthday kisses!’

PS. You can assemble these kits in a basket and gift them the night of the party or celebration. Trust me, they will be making use of the kit the morning after. 

XOXO - Drea 

Electric Daisy Carnival - DIY Costume Roundup 

1. Monsters Inc, Boo  2. Little Mermaid 3. Fafi 4. Wonder Woman 5. Wonder Woman POW! Headpiece  6. Care Bears 7. Strawberry 8. The Flintstones - Pebbles 9. Cupid Feathered Wings  10. Dragon Ball Z - Bulma 

Here are a few of my favorite costumes I’ve put together for past raves and music festivals. Hope these can provide some last minute inspiration for this of you attending EDC in Last Vegas this weekend. Enjoy! 

XOXO - Drea 

Electric Daisy Carnival Inspired: DIY ROUND UP 

1. Sweetheart Candy Bra 2. Bejeweled Floral Bustier 3. Minnie Mouse Bra Top 4. Ninja Turtles Bra Top  5. Flower Rhinestone Bra Top  6. Flower Minnie Ears  7. Floral Headband  8. Daisy Flower Headband  9. Flower Sunglasses  10. Sweetheart Sunglasses 

Here are a few of my past favorite EDC inspired DIY Tutorials. Hope all you headliners have any amazing time under the electric sky this weekend! 

Safe Travels, 

XOXO - Drea 


Because who doesn’t love watermelon, specially on shorts! I had an absolute blast putting this tutorial together. These shorts are perfect for any music festival, because as we all know, anything goes at these events. I found a dope pair of watermelon shorts on, but I figured I would just make my own for a fraction of the price. $85 vs. $15 bucks, I’ll take the DIY version any day. 


  • High waisted shorts 
  • Green Fabric Paint
  • Black Fabric Paint
  • White Fabric Paint
  • Fuchsia Rit Fabric Dye
  • Paint Brushes
  • Bucket 


1) Begin by prepping your bucket with hot water over a sink or outdoor surface. 

2) Follow the instructions on the Rit fabric dye package label and dye your shorts accordingly.

3) After your shorts have been dyed, washed, and dried, you can begin by painting the green bottom trim of your shorts. I would begin by finishing the front of your shorts, allow to dry, then move onto the back. 

4) Now move onto your black fabric paint and begin to paint round watermelon seeds throughout your shorts. Allow to dry. 

5) Once your green trim and black seeds are dry, finish off by painting the top of the trim with your white fabric paint. Allow to dry, and you’re set! 

XOXO - Drea 

PS. Please allow the shorts 72 hours to dry before putting them through the wash. 

PSS. You can apply this tutorial and make strawberry shorts instead too! Just substitute the fuchsia dye with red fabric dye. 

DIY - Layer Up Head Chain 

Every year at Coachella I suffer with the same dilemma, no electricity at the campsites means no hair straightener! I wanted to create a hair accessory that would accommodate my hair situation for this upcoming weekend. This lovely layered chain provides some bedazzle to an otherwise boring bun. 


  • 3-4 Different Types of Chains
  • 2 Small Jump rings
  • 2 Metal Cord Tips 
  • 2 Thick Bobby Pins 
  • E - 6000 Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pliers 

1. Begin my setting up the template of how you want your chains to layer down. Using your measuring tape, measure each chain one inch longer as you layer down, and trim. I started with 8 inches, then 9, 10, and finally the rhinestone chain at 11 inches long. 

2. Next, take one of your jump rings and begin to insert the chains in the order of your template. Repeat with opposite end of your chains. Then using your pliers close off hoop. 

3. Now that you have a semi looking necklace, take one of your bobby pins and insert the jump hoop through it. Repeat this with second bobby pin on opposite end. 

4. Now taking one of your metal cord tips, secure around the bobby pin and close shut. This will secure the chain in place. Repeat with opposite bobby pin and you are all done. 

XOXO - Drea 

DIY | Boot Chains 

Accessorizing your shoes?! Yep! Here is a fun tutorial that allows you to revamp any of your boots by adding some chain flair. The best part, you can remove and add this chain to any boot or shoe of your choice. Happy Crafting! 


  • Pair of Boots
  • 1 Pack of Silver Curb Chain (Michael’s Store) 
  • 1-2 Packs of Smaller Silver Chains (Michael’s Store) 
  • 4 Large Jewelry Hoops 
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Measuring Tape

1) Begin by measuring the distance from the side middle to the opposite end. (This will be the curbed chain measurement for the back part of the boot) 

2) Next, take your measurement and using your jewelry pliers create two identical curb chained pieces. Put them aside. 

3) Now measure from the side middle of your boot, across the front, and to the opposite side middle. (This will be the measurement for the front part of your boot.) 

4) Take your front measurement and using your pliers create 6 total identical smaller silver chain pieces. (3 chains per boot) 

5) Now take two of your large hoops and create the template for each boot. 

6) Open both hoops with your pliers and begin to insert the ends of each end to each side. (It should look like a jump rope) 

7) Lastly connect your ‘jump rope’ ends to each end of your thick curbed chain and using your pliers close the hoops shut.

Now simply place your finished chain piece over the opening of each boot and voila, all done! 

PS. Feel free to customize your boots to your liking. You can add spikes or even charms throughout, all up to you.