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Inspired by the ‘arm candy‘ craze, I decided to give some of my old bangles a facelift. I’m pretty sure most of you already have some of these materials at home. So fancy along and create!


  • suede cords
  • diamond chain
  • super glue
  • bangle
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun (not pictured)

1. Begin by hot gluing the diamond chain around the outside perimeter of the bangle.

2. Next, take your wire cutters and cut the diamond chain to fit.

3. Now grab your suede cord and secure down one of the ends to the bracelet. You can now begin to wrap the suede cord around your bracelet.

4. After you re finished wrapping the suede cord all around the bangle, trim your suede with your scissors and secure the end down with the crazy glue.

VOILA! The End.

(Photography by Fancy Made // Hand Model: Jessamyn Laquian)