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Because every girl should be a super hero at least once in their lives! Below you will find a quick and inexpensive last minute costume idea for this year’s Halloween. Enjoy! 


  • Red Leopard (American Apparel)
  • Royal Blue Spandex Shorts (American Apparel) 
  • Recycled Princess Crown
  • Gold Shinny Fabric (1/2 yard) 
  • Red Fabric (small square) 
  • White Felt Sheet
  • Gold, Red, and White Threading String
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue
  • Threading Needle/ Quilting Pins
  • Round/Squared Velcro Attachments 

1. First, start off by making a star stencil, use that to trace out about 15 stars on the white felt sheet. After you have made your traces, cut out all white stars. Be sure to do the same for your red stars, but only trace and cut out three. 

2. Before sewing your white stars onto the blue shorts, be sure to plan the pattern/placement of how you want the stars laid out throughout the shorts. Temporarily secure them on with quilting pins. (Fabric glue can be used to secure the stars as well, instead of sewing)

3. Next, cut out a 10 by 10 square of the gold fabric and then cut that in half. Take one half and begin to glue down both ends in. Take the rectangular fabric and measure it around your wrist to give you a better idea of where the cuffs should begin and end. Next glue down the ends to your measurements. Repeat the above steps with second gold fabric half. 

4. Once you have both cuffs done, place two round velcro circles on the ends of each cuff. This will be used to secure the cuffs on around your wrist. 

5. Next, take two red stars and glue one down on the middle of each cuff.  

6. Now, take your recycled princess crown and cover it with the gold fabric. Use the hot glue to glue it on tight. Once it’s covered take your last red star and glue it onto the middle. 

7. Now for the top. Take your gold fabric and create the patter which you prefer to have as an accent of the top. I chose to have a simple gold collar. Take your pattern that you created and temporarily secure it on with your quilting pins. Once you are sure of your pattern, begin to sew it onto the top edge of the red body suit and throughout the sides. 

8. Now for the belt, I completely forgot to take pictures for this, but basically what you do is to cut out a pattern of how you wish your belt to look. Make sure to leave extra fabric on the ends so you can glue it in and make the ends look clean. You can secure your belt on by using square velcro. This will allow you to put the belt on and off as you wish, much like the cuffs. 

Ps. American Apparel has several different tops and shorts that will fit to your liking. I know some of you like to be a bit more risque during Halloween, so take the top and bottom of your choice and apply the DIY to it. 

Voila! The End. 


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