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Had an absolute blast putting together this costume for last year’s Pride celebration in San Francisco. It was incredibly easy to make and extremely cheap! So round up your GF’s and have yourself a Disney Princess reunion, enjoy! :) 


  • Nude Strapless Bra
  • Purple Fabric
  • White Puffy Paint
  • Pearl Beads
  • Misc. beads or other small jewels
  • Hot glue
  • Regular Glue
  • Scissors
  • Turquoise Skirt
  • Red Wig
  • Large Flower 

1. Take your nude colored bra and measure two round circles around the breast area using your purple fabric. 

2. Take your two round circles and begin to hot glue them down to the bra. Start at the center and work your way onto the sides. Be sure to stop mid way, leaving the sides loose and unglued. 

3. Now, begin to create creases on the sides forming a wave like curl with your purple fabric. This will create the look/texture of a shell onto your bra. Once you have your waves set, hot glue them down. 

4. Next, take your white puffy paint and draw in the creases your folded fabric created. The white puppy paint will give your bra more of a 3D look. 

5. Now begin to glue any pearls or beads throughout your bra. You can use regular glue for this part. 

Once you are finished, let dry and voila, all done!


You can easily purchase a bright red/orange wig from your local Halloween shop. I highly suggest hitting up any dollar store for a flower, you will need a big sized flower to complete the hair look. Michael’s and other craft store’s can run expensive on flowers, so check a dollar store first, and or hit up your local thrift shop as well. You can also oped for a sand dollar as your hair accessory. 

For the bottoms, check your local thrift store first. There is NO NEED to buy anything new if you can find it for a quarter of the cost at a thrift shop. As you can see by the image above, this gorgeous vintage high waisted skirt only ended up costing me $3.99. So if you have the time, thrift, if not, check American Apparel. American Apparel has a HUGE selections of different stretchy, shiny, and or just plain comfy skirts, shorts, or pants in turquoise/green. 

One last tip, to make it even easier, you can go out and get a bra that is already in purple. This will save you the trouble of upholstering one with purple. The reason I chose a nude color bra, was because from afar it gives it the appearance that I am in fact wearing a shell bra. 

Hope all of this information is useful to all of you putting together a last minute EDC costume look. Good luck! :)

xoxo- Drea 


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