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I’m still obsessing over anything Lisa Frank, aren’t you? If you’re unfamiliar to Lisa Frank and the iconic brand, I suggest you take a look at this amazing mini documentary and catch up!

Any who, I decided to put my Lisa Frank sticker collection to good use. Customized sticker iphone case anyone?! The variations are endless, so dig through your old sticker collection and give this D.I.Y. a try! Enjoy! 


How to:

1. Begin by selecting several stickers from the collection. These will be used to cover the majority of your iPhone case. 

2. Take the stickers of your choice and stick them throughout the plastic cell phone case. 

3. Once you are satisfied with your sticker layout, take your paint brush and dab some of the Mod Podge onto the full surface of the cell phone case. Yes, that means right over the stickers. The Mod Podge is a waterbased sealer, glue, and finish. This will bind the stickers to the plastic case. I highly recommend doing between 1-3 coats. Allow for each coat to dry before placing a new layer.

4. Make sure to dab Mod Podge around the edges of your phone and cut off any excess stickers if need be. I highly recommend doing this to prevent any tear or wear around the edges. 

5. Lastly, allow for the glue to dry and voila, all done!

Ps. I made a limited amount of Lisa Frank inspired iPhone cases for sale, now available for purchase in my shop —-> HERE


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